"Babes-Bolyai" University

"Raluca Ripan" Institute for Research in Chemistry


Inorganic Compounds Laboratory

Research Topics
Traditional research topics
Synthesis of high purity inorganic substances

Synthesis and characterisation of materials with luminescent properties

Polyoxometalates chemistry
  • Synthesis and characterization of Keggin and Dawson related polyoxometalates
  • Interaction of polyoxometalates with biological molecules
  • Polyoxometalate based catalysts

Synthesis/manufacture of phosphors for different applications
  • Roentgenoluminescent pigments --- X-ray intensifying screens
  • Photoluminescent and phosphorescent pigments --- luminous signs for night seeing
  • Cathodoluminescent pigments --- screens for cathode ray tubes
  • Radioluminescent pigments --- tritium light sources; screens for radiation detection

Growth and characterisation of thin films with luminescent properties

New physico-chemical aspects referring to:
  • Formation of luminescent substances doped with rare earth ions
  • Growth and properties of doped thin films
  • Catalytic processes
Recent research topics
Materials with catalytic properties for the destruction of ozone in residual gases

New macrocyclic compounds with host-guest properties
  • Calixarenes, as anion and cation receptors for separation/detection  of precious/ rare earth metals from aqueous solutions --- metal sequestrating materials based on calixarenes
  • Ionophores on calixarenes basis for detection of Na+ ions from biologic fluids n electrochemical sensors

Nano- and microstructured luminescent materials
  • Phosphors/pigments for optoelectronic devices:  plasma display panels, gas discharge tubes, LED etc.

Oxide layers with controled porosity for catalytic purposes
  • Catalytic support with metallic skeleton

Metallic pigments with well defined particle morfology and dimensions (from nano to micropowders)
  • Anticorosive coatings

Technologies using ozone as oxidising agent
  • Alternative technologies/procedures for cellulose bleaching, waste water treatment and fruits storage
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