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Inorganic Compounds Laboratory

Luminescent pigments ( Phosphors)

1.Phoshorescent pigments
Luminescence characteristics
  • excitation: natural or artificial light; UV radiation
  • emission: green, yellow, orange and orange-red phosphorescence (perceptibible at night)
Main areas of application
  • instrument marking ( watches, device dials)
  • special effects in arts and advertising
  • accident prevention
2. Cathodoluminescent pigments
catod Luminescence characteristics
  • excitation: cathode rays (electron beam)
  • emission: green or blue short fluorescence
Main areas of application
  • displays
  • image intensifying screens (for night seeing)
3.Photoluminescent pigments
foto Luminescence characteristics
  • excitation: short or long ultraviolet radiation
  • emission: red, pink, blue or UV fluorescence
Main areas of application
  • high or low pressure fluorescence lamps
  • color fluorescent tubes for advertising
  • illuminating signs

High purity inorganic compounds

1.Noble metals
  • silver
  • platinum
  • palladium
  • rhodium
  • gold



2.Other high purity compounds
  • silver nitrate
  • silver iodide



  Characterisation by thermal analysis of inorganic and organic materials
Noble metals recovery from wastes
  • silver
  • platinum
  • palladium
  • rhodium
  • gold



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