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9. RELANSIN-CEEX 132 (2006-2008)
New biocomposites based on polyalchenoic acids modified with resins and superficially active glasses with multiple applications in medicine (dr. Cristina Prejmerean)

8. RELANSIN-CEEX 16 (2005-2008)
Composite materials based on calixarenes with magnetic and/or selective coordinating properties for some metallic ions of technological interest, CALIXCOM
(dr. Elisabeth-Jeanne Popovici) ( pdf )

7. RELANSIN CEEX 02 (2005-2008)
New materials and systems for dental prosthetics and dental implantology (dr. Marioara Moldovan)

6. RELANSIN 1917 (2004-2006)
Photocurring biocomposites with fillers from pigmented glass for use in direct physiognomic restorations (dr. Marioara Moldovan)

5. RELANSIN 1680 (2003-2005)
New technologies for the manufacture of some molibden compounds of special quality for wire industry (dr. Traian Budiu)

4. RELANSIN 1207 (2001-2003)
Biomimetic compounds applied in the protection of the ecosystems (dr. Ioan Oprean)

3. RELANSIN 1035 (2001-2003)
Technology for the retention/removal of poluting/toxic fractions resulting from the burning of wastes that contain pesticides (dr. Constantin Marutoiu)

2. RELANSIN 949 (2001-2003)
Safety use of ozone as bleaching agent -procedures and methods
(dr. Elisabeth-Jeanne Popovici)

1. RELANSIN 054 (1999-2002)
Researches regarding the elaboration of some new materials opaque for X-rays (dr. Maria Brie)





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