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Analytical and Environmental Chemistry Laboratory

Head of laboratory: Dr. Virginia COMAN

- Research and Production Groups

Chromatographic Materials and Instrumental Analysis (Dr. Virginia COMAN)

Group Members

Dr. Virginia COMAN

Dr. Rodica GRECU

Dr. Miuta Filip

Dr. Stefan KREIBIK

Mihaela VLASSA


Veronica Avram

Ing. Dorina REGHINI

Elisabeta Fenesan

· S/T specific domains of competence:

o High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC);

o Synthesis and characterization of new adsorbing materials for chromatographic use.

o Analysis of warfare substances; Analysis of narcotics;

o Synthesis and characterization of some products with biological activity.

o Implementation of quality system;

· Reference projects:

o Sensidisks for antibiogrammes (VIASAN program);

o Planar dielectrochromatographic method and horizontal dielectrochromathographic chamber. (CERES program)

o Implementation of quality system and the accreditation of the products conformity (INFRAS program).

· Other elements to illustrate the performance level of R&D activity:

o Products: silica gel and alumina for thin layer and column chromatography; TLC plates ready-to-use; chemical mobile-laboratory for campaign or for water analysis; special electrochemical sensors;

o Services: environmental studies; analysis of water, soil, ashes and sawdust.

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